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Makeup Tips for Blue Eyes – 10 makeup ideas to enhance blue eyes







Best Makeup Tips for Blue Eyes

You can use a hue that’s lighter or darker than your eye color to make the eyes stand out, but using the exact same tone dulls the effect.

Creams, beige or tans, as well as silvers and grays can be used as a base shadow. Use the light tones in combination with other, darker hues to define that hypnotic gaze and make your eyes look bigger.

Any hue of brown is guaranteed to make a statement blue eyes makeup. Use a combination of light and dark browns, such as taupe and chocolate and select the makeup technique based on your shape.

Wide-Set Eyes: To bring the eyes closer together, place a dark color on the inside inner corner of the eye.

Deep-Set Eyes: to bring them out, place a lighter-color shadow on the upper lids. Use medium colors in the eye crease, and not dark colors in the crease. Less is more with this eye shape.

Large Eyes: To make the eye appear smaller, use dark colors on the eyelid and eye crease.

Round Eyes: Place your eye-shadow color on the eyelid, blending up at the outside corners.

You can also place a dark color on the outer top corner.

Small Eyes: To give the illusion of a larger eye, use a light color on the eyelid, and medium color in the eye crease. Again, less is more.

In order to fully understand how color and shading work in makeup, you must experiment and see what works best for you. As for me, I hope these suggestions help you implement a type of makeup that compliments your features and makes you feel good about yourself.





















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