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How To Look Fabulous Wearing Whites In Summer

Summer wear and white is almost synonymous. We find out what all should you keep in mind when you opt for this pristine colour

Women can wear whites in summer for all kinds of occasions — be it formals or in-formals. Leading fashion designers feel that white tees, shirts and blouses look fab with jeans and shorts even white dresses look stunning. They can be dressed up with accessories to change the look — a string of pearls or a pair of metallic killer heels — when you want to wear it in the evening. It is a very classic and elegant look.

One of the best things about this whites in summer is that it can be teamed with any other colour.
A white shirt and blue jeans spell sexy like nothing can — and the best thing is that it is not gender biased either — it is a head-turner for not just for guys, but for girls as well. White is so totally a summer colour, and it also gives off a really ‘cool’ vibe. A pretty white sundress in a light breathy fabric like cotton, is perfect for these hot days when the relentless summer sun burns down upon us.

Whites in summer is a favorite with the glamorous and famous, for good reason. White reflects light and makes you look fresh, youthful and glamorous. Here are some inspirations on how to wear Whites in summer.







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