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How To Apply Makeup Perfectly






Step 5: Applying Foundation

Choosing the right foundation can be difficult.

  • Choose the right foundation according to your skin type. Usually, powder and water-based liquid foundations are good for oily skin while dry skin is best off with cream foundation or oil based liquid foundation.
  • Apply a small quantity of the foundation onto the face. Distribute it evenly.
  • Use a foundation brush, or blending sponge to blend it in.
  • Blend well till you get a smooth finish.







Step 6: Touchups

  • If needed, check whether you need to conceal anything else
  • Using it again will ensure that any remaining spots are concealed and redness is minimized.

Since we’ve finished our base makeup, it’s time to move on to adding a pop of color to the cheeks!

Step 7: Applying Blush

For a more natural looking blush use the powder blush right after applying foundation.

  • Simply smile to determine where the blush should go and dust it onto the apples of your cheeks with a light hand.
  • Use gentle strokes.
  • After blending, check on both sides of the cheek to see whether the result is as desired.
  • If you want more intensity, use more blush and blend in as instructed above.
  • Avoid too much of it! You want to look like you have a healthy glow and not a clown!






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