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Gorgeous Boho Hairstyles For You To Have A Very Unique Look

As the weather gets warmer, it’s almost time for weekend music festivals and days at the beach, but how are you going to wear your hair? Boho braids are the simple, versatile, messy-chic solution that’s been spotted on the runway and in the street. They are very functional but also give a very stylish look to your over all personality.

Style has always been an integral part of day to day life when it comes to woman. And Boho Hairstyle provide a very fashionable look for women. Here are 13 boho braid styles we can’t wait to try at home.




#1: Crown Braid

This gorgeous boho style combines two-toned coloring with lace milkmaid braid pinned to the crown of the head. To create the perfect milkmaid braid, make sure your hair hasn’t been recently washed, and add a little dry shampoo or texturizing spray before you begin braiding for better hold.

#2: Creative Clips



We definitely want to steal this boho braided style from South Kingston, Rhode Island stylist Jessica Gurnon. Several basic three-strand milkmaid braids are wrapped around the back of the client’s head and a larger messy French braid that hangs down the client’s neck is adorned with metal hair clips. The incorporation of the clips draws attention to all the great textures created by this boho style.

#3: Think Pink

This pretty pastel pink hair from Orlando stylist Neal Malek, who calls himself a “HairVangelist,” is styled in two messy mermaid braids that run along the crown of the head and meet in the back. Pulling a few strands out to create more volume gives this client a cool boho braid look. Keeping the strands thick while you’re braiding and keeping bobby pins on hand to tame any unintentionally loose sections will help you achieve this look at home.






#4: Heart-Shaped Braids


Instagram fitness model Shelby Jean Tallon created this adorable boho braid look for Valentine’s Day. Two French braids that start at the back of her head are pinned to create an adorable heart-shaped braided style.

#5: Beach Ready Braids


With the weather warming up, it’s almost time to start hitting the beach. Boho braids are the perfect laid back style to sport in the water. These fishtail braids that run from the forehead to the back of the neck, created by Hilde Harmse are a little tighter than some boho braids. A few wispy strands give them a casual feel.

#6: Criss-Crossed Style

These stylish boho braids were created by an Atlanta-based hairstylist who works for Aveda. The pretty double Dutch braid look pulls thick strands that wrap around the crown of the head and criss-cross in the back. The braided strands were pulled loose to create a messy-chic boho look.

#7: Adorned Braids

These tight braids get their boho vibes from a colorful piece of pink thread, beads, and shells that are wrapped throughout the braids. The laid-back style is perfect for a week of music festivals or a day at the beach.



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