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24 Sexy Bikini and Swimwear Ideas For You To Look Stunning This Summer

The salty waters of the sea and the arid sun above, where cool ocean breeze touches your skin sending chills across your back. God, I love to spend time on beautiful beaches. Something that I like as much as I like the beaches is the sexy bikini and swimwear I …

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40 Smoking Hot Lingerie Ideas For You To Make Your Partner Sweat

The temperature are rising sky high and it is getting hard to breath. But this is not due to the summers, this sizzling heat is caused by these damsels is their sexy lingerie. I always planned to make my boyfriend speechless by wearing something kinky and when I came over these lingerie …

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How To Wear Sexy Lingerie As Bold Fashion Wear

Lingerie are great to add spice to your love life or even explore your body’s beauty. But recently they are also being worn openly to represent bold fashion wear. Lingerie are sexy and now as they form part of outdoor dresses the temperatures really seem to rise, but only this …

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Sexy But Simple Lingerie Ideas That Will Spice Up Your Love Life

Sometimes we get in a rut of wearing the same old underwear over and over. You know the ones I’m talking about. The comfy, cotton ones that never ride up even though the elastic is giving out a little. Yeah, those. They aren’t sexy. They may as well be birth …

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Nine Lingerie Essentials Every Woman Should Own

Sure, you stockpile shoes like nobody’s business and buy a new bag or two each season—but when’s the last time you considered the state of your underwear drawer? Ideally, it should be filled with pretty little things that make you look and feel amazing—but many women totally neglect this section …

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Choose The Perfect Bridal Lingerie For Your Wedding Day

You’ve spent months searching for your perfect wedding dress, but have you thought about what you’ll wear underneath it? Choosing the right underwear and lingerie to wear under your wedding gown is just as important as the dress itself – you want it to be comfortable yet sexy and supportive …

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