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Must-Have Items for a Bohemian Chic Wardrobe

Even if you just consider yourself a “boho lite” or just slightly whimsical dresser, this list provides a great base foundation for your look – a few essential pieces you need to maximize your wardrobe’s versatility. It’s just a starting point and, of course, your wardrobe will differ depending on …

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25 Summer Dresses That Would Make You Look Cool And Stay Relaxed

Summers make fashion a little difficult to maintain, you unlike winters, when you can add a lot to your wardrobe, summers will get messy and sweaty with too many layers of fabric. But the genius fashion designers come up with fabulous Summer Dresses for you to look stylish and also …

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Girls Be Different And Trendy In These Torn Jeans This Summer

Torn Jeans have been in fashion for quite some time now and it seems we can never get bored of this unique fashion wear. You see Torn Jeans are different because they contradict a human nature, that is the want for something which is in a way damaged. Now this …

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5 ways to wear your boyfriend’s clothes and still look awesome

For the fellas out there that may be reading this, nothing sucks more than your favorite hoodie disappearing for like, ever. It’s especially hard when all your girlfriend seems to do is borrow your hoodie, wear your t-shirts, and even start wearing your plaid long-sleeved polo shirts as dresses. But …

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Boho Style Inspirations To look Unique The Way You Wanted

Most of the times it is the Fashion Designers who design new concepts and give birth to latest fashion trends. But every now and then it so happens that some style, belonging to a particular region or community becomes very popular with everyone. this has happened earlier and this has …

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