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Beauty Basics: How To Apply Blush To Get A Natural Look

Blush techniques with sophistication

Blush improves the skin color while adding contours to the face. If you want to downplay the skin color difference between your face and neck, you can blend some leftover blush powder upwards from the bottom of the chin after doing your cheeks. If you want to soften the contours of your nose, add a touch of color at the bridge of the nose. If you’re more concerned about dullness around the lips or flakiness in your foundation, obscure the problem by gently brushing touches of red from beneath the nose down to the upper lip.

Selecting the blush color

Select a blush color according to your preferred look. If you want a color that blends well with your skin, select pink for a fair skin color, coral or red for a medium skin color, or orange or beige for darker skin. If you want to try on other blush colors, stay safe by combing them with other makeup colors that blend naturally with your skin.

For a makeup look with a sense of unity, try matching the colors of your cheek blush and lip color. When you wear a bright red lipstick, for example, a light dab of red blush will obscure any hints of white flakiness of your foundation.

Makeup is a creative medium for expressing a woman’s individuality. By coordinating the color of your eye and lip makeup with your cheek blush, you’ll soon be able to use a whole range of colors you could never use before.

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