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Beauty Basics: How To Apply Blush To Get A Natural Look

Be sure to apply the blush symmetrically. Blend on the blush in the same way and direction on each side of the face and double check that the darkest parts of the cheeks match perfectly on the right and left.

How do professional makeup artists prevent harsh lines?
A broad-tipped blush brush won’t leave harsh lines. For the best effect, the brush tip should follow the handle as you apply the blush on your cheeks.

Selecting the right blush texture:
glow vs. matte

Finishes of many types, from matte to glow, are available for different looks and preferences. Glowing, radiant textures bring out a firm, youthful look and are very popular at the moment. However, make sure that you choose a texture that gives you the desired finish. Young women prone to crumbling makeup may want to select a matte blush to avoid too much shininess. Mature women are well advised to go for a matte type or a natural glowing texture with fine granules rather than a blush with strong luster. If you want to hold back on the pearly effect but seek something more sheer than matte, you may like the foggy, velvety-like quality of the semi-matte type.

A sampling of finishing effects (textures)

Glow: Youthful, healthy, clear and transparent
Semi-matte: Soft and light, foggy
Matte: Refined, delicate, fashionable

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