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7 Ways to Apply Makeup for Every Occasion In Summer

With blistering heat and humidity that never seems to cease, I think we can all agree that summer is in full swing. The longer, hotter days can make it easy to fall into a style rut. That’s why we have turned to experts for makeup, to help our beauty routines thrive in summer rather than, well melt. We’ve addressed seven of the most common summer occasions so that you can be ready for whatever your social calendar may contain. From the music festival to a day at the beach, our experts have promised that if these looks can survive the Texas heat they can survive anything.

We guarantee that with these 7 flawless, humidity-proof looks, you will definitely be putting your best face forward for the rest of the summer.

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Saturday Afternoon with the Girls

Step 1: Apply sunscreen to protect your skin, a creamy golden mineral powder to combat oil, and a bronzer for a sunkissed look. When applying bronzer, concentrate on your cheek bones, middle of forehead, bridge of nose, cupid’s bow, and chin.

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Step 2: Brush a light layer of shimmer eyeshadow across your lids. Place some lighter shadow in the corner of your eyes to help them pop.

Step 3: Complete your look with a fun lip in a peach or pink tone.

The Music Festival

Step 1:  Apply tinted moisturizer, BB cream, and bronzer. Tinted moisturizer and BB Cream are two fantastic products for the hot summers. They give your skin an even tone and provide lightweight coverage that still allows your skin to breathe. For oily skin, set with  powder.

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Step 2: Apply eye makeup. To avoid that embarrassing moment in the summer heat when your makeup starts running, try switching out your normal eye makeup for waterproof mascara and eyeliner.

Step 3: Finish your look off with a bright lip. Revlon’s Just Bitten lip stains are a great selection of affordable, bright options for summer that provide long-lasting color and resist wear. For something lighter, try a tinted lip balm.

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