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15 Easy Hairstyles For Long Hair

11. Half-Up Fishtail Braid

Looking for a new messy yet classy hairstyle for making your prom look more special? Why not try a fishtail braid with half hair open! This gorgeous hairstyle is a combination of a fishtail and half open ponytail. This is a hairstyle which is suitable for every face cut. Here are few steps to make this hairstyle.

  • Take some hair straps from both the sides and one from the center with equal thickness of straps.
  • Start making a fishtail braid and continue until the end of the hair.
  • You can also leave the formation till the length you desire to keep the fishtail.
  • Tie a rubber at the end of the fishtail.
  • Give curls to the remaining hair for giving it a messy look at the ends.

12. Hair Bow For Long Hair

This hair bow hairstyle is loved by the brides as it gives anelementary look. The hairstyle makes a bow in the center which can be decorated with new hair accessories like pins, diamonds, etc. and the left half can be given lovely curls to make it more splendid. Here is how you can get that look on your hair.

  • Take some hair straps from both the sides with equal thickness.
  • Tie both the straps with the help of a rubber band making a half pony, but don’t remove full hair on the last knot creating a loop.
  • With the help of your fingers, divide the loop into two parts stretching them in opposite direction.
  • Push the loop making it flat towards your head forming a bow shape and insert two bobby pins to make the bow firm.
  • Take some hair from the left-over hair and tie them up in the middle of the bow to hide the pins and the rubber fixing them with pins.

13. Loop Waterfall Braid

Loop waterfall braid hairstyle is loved by the girls who want a firm hairstyle with fewer pins and bobbies on the head. The hairstyle comes with several straps falling from the top to the end, due to which it is named so. The loop waterfall is the best for women with oval or diamond shape face cut. Here are quick steps to the hairstyle.

  • Using your fingers take some portion of your hair from the back side.
  • Wrap them around your middle finger and form a small twist for getting an accurate loop.
  • Make the loop move downwards.
  • Take the two falling loop with the help of your middle fingers by pinching them.
  • Use the thumb to form a twist.
  • Similarly, carry out more loops with the middle fingers in circular shapes.
  • Repeat the process for few more loops and tie up the end of the straps using bobby pins on the opposite side after 4-5 loops.

14. High Messy Ponytail With Side Flicks

This is one of the quickest long hairstyles which can be made within few minutes only. The hairstyle suits best for oval face cut or long faces. The hairstyle is also adopted by women having one side flicks for official as well as occasional look.

  • To make the hairstyle, use a curls machine to give your hair outward firm curls.
  • While the hair is wet, comb your hair using thick toothed comb in outward direction to give volume to the hair.
  • Remove the flicks and comb the rest of the hair forming a high full ponytail.
  • Using a banana pin, tie up the hair firmly.
  • The hair would give a layer like an appearance with clumsy curves hanging in different length.
  • Set the flicks on the side and give the top of the head some gentle pull for volume.

15. Simple Half Hair Braid

This is a traditional and simple hairstyle, which is carried out by the beginners. The hairstyle is more popular for school picnics, and functions, while the elder women love it on traditional wear. Here are the steps to this all face cut suitable hairstyle.

  • Dry your hair and comb them using the thick toothed comb.
  • Take some hair from the top portion of the head from both the sides and one form the center to form a braid.
  • Add some more hair from the sides forming a half pony look and complete making the braid till the end, or till desired. hair length.
  • Tie a rubber at the end.






















Hence, the long hair may look difficult to manage, yet there are some easy and quick hairstyles for such hair too which help in enhancing the look for various occasions. When it comes to long hair, braided and buns have been the mostly adopted hairstyles giving a variety of designs.

So, what are you waiting for? Pick up the easy hairstyles for long hair and let others go flat after you.


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