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101 Ways To Make Your Eyes Pop



41. Pair a black liner with pale eye shadow all over the lid and a darker shade in the crease to make the eyes pop.

42. If you have brown hair, use peach and warm neutrals on the eyes.

 43. If you have red hair, use neutral eye shadow shades that don’t compete with the hair.

44. Dark eye shadows can be applied with a damp, thin brush on the upper or lower lash line for a defined eye that will last all day.

45. Since dark makeup can make the eyes recede, add depth with shimmery highlight shades.

46. You’ll probably need less eye shadow than you think you will. Start with a tiny bit of product on your brush, and work it outward to create a soft smoke.

47. Erase hard lines of eye shadow by blending in with a brush.

48. Once you’ve applied concealer to dark under-eye circles, follow up with a yellow-based setting powder to help it last longer and to counteract dark circles (yellow cancels out blue and purple).

49. If you’ve applied too much eye shadow, take a Q-tip and dip it into a moisturizer and gently swipe off the tone you need to take down. Then, take your pinky or a sponge tip applicator and just dab on a bit of a neutral shadow to soften the look.

 50. Beware of brown eye shadow shades that are reddish, as they can make you look tired or (worse) hungover.

51. Never use an eye shadow that’s the same color as your eyes or nothing will stand out.

52. If you need a smoky eye in a pinch, try Color On Pro kits.


Tips For The Perfect Cat Eye

53. When drawing a cat eye, follow the outer bottom lash line upward to get the perfect line.

54. If you have a hard time drawing a straight line of eyeliner at the base of the lids, draw dashes and connect by smudging the liner with a Q-tip.

55. When creating a cat eye, keep applying eyeliner past the length of your eyebrow. You can always remove the excess, but it can be really hard to lengthen a liquid line with precision if you’ve stopped too soon.

 56. Use a palette of stone grey shades for a smoky cat eye. Try Bobbi Brown Black Pearl Eye Shadow Palette for a great range of colors.

57. For a daytime cat eye, begin at the inside of the eyelid and drag the liquid liner applicator all the way across the lid to the outside of the eye. When you get to the outside of the eye, move the applicator up and out to create a wing effect. Do not make this line any longer than an eyelash to keep it from being too dramatic.

58. Apply shadow before attempting a cat eye to ensure you don’t smudge it.

59. If you want a daytime-appropriate cat eye, apply a layer of shadow, draw on your cat eye, wait for it to dry, then apply another layer of shadow to tone it down.

60. Tilt your chip up but look down at a mirror when drawing your cat eye.




61. Make your cat eye bold by drawing it on with a bright color, instead of your basic black or brown.

62. If you’re having trouble with liquid liner, draw a practice line with a taupe eyeliner and the trace it with the liquid.

 63. If all else fails, try a stick-on Eye Rock Designer Liner  to get the cat eye you want.

64. Use a lash primer before mascara to make lashes look bigger and thicker.

65. Use a small mascara brush on your lower lashes, as well as the lashes near the inner corner of your eyes. A tinier brush makes it easier to grab onto the smaller lashes.

66. Try out false lashes. They make your eyes look bigger.

67. Apply a dark kohl liner to the root of your lashes to make them appear fuller.

68. Skip mascara on the bottom lashes to make eyes appear lifted.

 69. No need to stop at one coat of mascara! Wait for the fist coat to dry, then apply another. Just make sure you’re using a non-clumping mascara.

70. If you wear glasses, go with a lengthening mascara instead of a volumizing one, which can look clumpy when magnified by lenses.

71. When applying mascara, as you move the brush up slightly turn it outward to fully separate lashes.

72. When lining your lashes, push the color into the lashes so there’s no gap between your lashes and the line. You want the liner to look like a part of your lashes.

73. Layer individual false eyelashes along the top lash line. Use black mascara on the top lashes and brown on the bottom.

74. For extra long lashes, place the tip of the mascara brush on the outer corners of your lashes first, do a few strokes, then work your way in. Extending those corner lashes will make your eyes look more open.

75. Place the mascara wand at the very base of your lash, then, using a side-to-side motion, wiggle the wand upwards in one long, even stroke.

 76. When using a lash curler, clamp down at the base, move the curler out, clamp down, move the curler to the ends and clamp down again.

77. Use a metal-toothed lash comb to help separated clumped lashes.

78. Don’t layer different mascaras, as some formulas don’t work well together, making clumps inevitable.

79. Highlight under the eyes to brighten the face and bring attention to the eyes.

80. Don’t pump your mascara wand too many times in the bottle. It pushes air in, which can create clumps.




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