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101 Ways To Make Your Eyes Pop



21. Use a darker shade of concealer to cover up puffy eyes. Darker colors recede, which means bags look less pronounced.

 22. If you want a more defined look, use a creamy black eye pencil to rim your eyes.

23. To combat eyes that are both puffy and dark, use an eye cream with built in coverage.

24. You can use darker shades of nude and brown to create a subtle smoky eye look that works on everyone.

25. The most important rule when wearing a smoky eye is that if you go dark, keep the rest of your face soft.

26. Use two colors that are similar but different (like light purple and dark purple) on the lids to create dimension.

27. If your eyes are brown, use navy blue shadow to really make them stand out.

28. For a unique look, dab a brightly colored cream shadow on the inner corners of your eyes.

29. If you have blue eyes, apply a peach color all over your lids and underneath your eyebrows to really make them stand out.

30. To further blend a smoky eye, swipe the same color you use on your lids on your bottom lash line.

31. Rub an ice cube over puffy eyes in the morning to reduce swelling.

32. Don’t be afraid to extend your shadow well above the crease for a dramatic effect. Instead of an intensely dark shadow, a rich café au lait shade looks less harsh.

33. Apply a light colored, cream-based shimmery shadow to the eyelid to open the eye.

34. Change out your mascara every three months. When it comes to your eyes, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

35. Never use liner in the inner first third of the eye; it will make eyes seem closer set.

 36. If you have green eyes, try out purple eye shadow shades such as lavender, violet, or amethyst. Keep the color sheer so it won’t look garish. For eyeliner, a deep plum is perfect.

37. Create a triangle of opaque white shadow in the inside corner of the eye and up towards the brow to instantly change the shape of your eye.

38. If you’re constantly waking up to puffy eyes, consider changing your laundry detergent. You may be allergic.

39. Apply a primer before eye shadow to give it lasting power and to intensify the color.

40. If you have blue eyes, go for a warm copper, burnished gold, or rich brown eye shadow. Chocolate is an excellent shade choice for eyeliner.




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